The Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control is the process of managing the entry and access to buildings and locations for individuals who have been authorised to be there. It can also be used to limit the use of certain restricted areas and facilities within a building. Many spaces, such as complete buildings, gyms and specific floors can benefit from access control; it’s an effective way to enhance and manage security. The three main options for access control are:


Lock and Key

Before cloud-based technology, the only option consumers had to secure doors and facilities was with a lock and key. Whilst this traditional security system is still frequently used by many smaller organisations, this method does present a number of problems.


  • Firstly, keys can be easily stolen, lost or shared with others, leaving buildings vulnerable to intruders.
  • Secondly, any lost keys have to be re-issued which can cost a considerable amount over time.


On-Premise Access Control

On-premise solutions are a step up from a lock and key solution, providing more features, functionality and automation. However, this solution requires maintenance, servers updates and cybersecurity in place to ensure that servers are not affected by cyberattacks.


  • Usually, on-premise solutions don’t provide remote access to the system, so anytime a new door or entrance is needed, the changes must take place on-site.
  • There is little room for flexibility, scalability, and maintaining IT security can be costly and time consuming.


Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control is the best solution when it comes to securing your facility, providing a much higher level of security and simplicity. Unlike the above methods of access control, which can take up a lot of resources and ongoing investment, cloud-based solutions save internal resources and are offered on a subscription basis, helping your business to optimise cash flow.


  • Cloud-based access control allows for complete control of your facilities, wherever you are in the world.
  • Staff members can also gain access using their phone, eliminating the need of keys and keycards.
  • It also has the ability to open and secure doors remotely, so you don’t have to worry about hiring additional on-site security staff.
  • Data about the traffic entering and exiting the building can be collected in real-time.
  • Unlike on-site access control, there are no servers to maintain, and software is updated automatically, keeping your organisation safe from cyber threats at all times.
  • Cloud-based access control also allows for unlimited scalability. New doors, offices and users can be added to the system at any time for greater convienance.
  • For an additional layer of security, video surveillance can be integrated with cloud access control.


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