Brivo is the world’s leading remote access cloud-based office security system. Welcome Gate is an approved Brivo partner and a leading provider of Brivo in the UK.


Brivo is a leading cloud-based security system for businesses both large and small. It gives you complete control of your security system through remote access, so you can keep track of your office security from anywhere. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to secure one facility, an enterprise security executive, or a security technology professional seeking solutions to meet your customers’ needs — we can help.

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Instant access and control so you can manage your businesses security
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Manage multiple facilities through video and activity logs
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Unlock doors remotely
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Control user access with one touch
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Eliminate the use for passes with the new mobile phone passes
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Cloud based video surveillance


Brivo is a flexible and user friendly office security system that anyone can use! By using Brivo and its ‘OnAir’ system, you can manage your business security remotely from anywhere in the world through your desktop or smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you have one office or multiple office locations across the globe, Brivo allows you to manage all of your security under one remote access security system. Brivo gives you control through remote access to control all your security needs. The system scales to your requirements, allowing you to simply add or remove users and locations from one web-hosted interface.    


The answer is yes! There are a lot things to think about as a small business owner, but the safety and security of your business doesn’t have to be one of them. Brivo’s simplified remote access cloud-based access control platform allows business owners to focus on achieving business goals with the peace of mind that your facility is secure.



High end remote security is not just for large businesses! Brivo helps small businesses take control of their security and can create tailored plans to suit your businesses needs and budgets.

“The Welcome Gate team have been amazing. We are facing huge international growth rates as a business and they have already installed systems for us in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hyderabad and Tokyo, with more to come!

 Welcome Gate and the team have really helped us  with identifying and installing the kit we need, and they have project managed the whole thing and made it happen. One of their core values is getting the job done right, right to the end. I’m delighted to say that they live up to that.”
– David Boshell, Physical Security EMEA,
Welcome Gate is proud to be a preferred and certified UK partner of Brivo, offering expert installation and genuine advice. Our experts will help you to understand whether Brivo will work for your organisation, how easy installation will be, and the kind of cost & time savings you could make. To start your journey with Brivo, call us on 020 7620 6288 or get in touch.