No matter what the size of your company, whether you have one office door or multiple entrances, it’s impossible for you to physically manage who is accessing your building and your facilities at all times. However, with cloud-based security technology, you have the freedom to manage all your locations on any device from a single account.

Welcome Gate is a leading provider of Brivo, the world’s leading remote access cloud-based security system, in the UK. Suitable for businesses both large and small, it gives you complete control of your security system. Here are 6 reasons why cloud-based access control is a must for your company:


Mobile Convenience

With cloud-based access control, you can manage access to your facility from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device, saving you hours of time and increasing your productivity. Brivo provides the ability for system administrators to manage access control through an app on your smartphone. Both you and your employees, residents or vendors will then be able to access your facility with mobile convienance.


Reliable Management & Maintenance

Managing your access control system should not be an area of concern. With a cloud solution, managing the software that the system is hosted on, can simply be left to cloud access control providers who manage the entire service for you. This results in higher uptime and increased reliability, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


Better Security

Cloud-based access control also provides greater security by eliminating the need for old-fashioned lock and keys, which can be easily replicated or stolen.  Instead, cloud-based security counts on the latest technology to secure your buildings, as well as being built and maintained by security experts, so there’s no need to worry about cyber threats. For greater security, Brivo also lets you set up notifications or alerts when an employee attempts to access an unauthorized area.


Instant Access to Data

As today’s businesses operate in real-time, it’s important that access to data is available instantly. Data that is stored in the cloud can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about data getting lost in case of a server failing. Brivo lets you view all current or prevented incidents in an activity log, as well as real time notifications to alert you of any unsafe behaviour, such as when a door is tampered with or held open.



As well as accessing data instantly, cloud-based security solutions also allow you to incorporate new security services to other applications that you use. This is referred to as an API, meaning you can use it to connect your digital businesses to the physical world. An example of this would be to integrate your access control system with your video surveillance system, saving you time and resources.



One of the many benefits of using a cloud based security solution is the ability to scale your business needs. Whether you are considering adding more entrances or locations in the future, using a cloud-based solution allows you to secure any of these areas easily. With Brivo, there’s no limit to how many facilities or doors you can add, so whenever you’re ready to expand your organisation, you can easily add cloud-based access control to control them.


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