There are so many different types of security system, the first challenge is to decide what you need. Do you need CCTV to protect your premises from intruders, do you need an access control system to swipe your staff in and out each day, do you need to make sure the data you hold is protected from cyber attacks?


You may need only one of these, and it may be that all you need is a padlock and a big dog. Most businesses however, will need something a little more sophisticated.


At Welcome Gate, when we first meet our clients to discuss what security system they need, the questions we ask include:


Who will be using the system? What are you protecting? Are there any regulatory or insurance compliance requirements? Have you done a physical risk assessment which includes reviewing past incidents and security breaches? Will you need to extract any insights or information from your security system, and if so, what type of data?


Once you have the answers to these – and others – you can determine the right technology for your particular needs.


If, for example, you run a warehouse where lots of goods are stored, you’ll need surveillance to cover the valuable items, access restricted to certain individuals, and protection for when you are not on site.


If, on the other hand, you run a chain of shops, you might need all those things, plus additional functionality to allow you to manage both the staff and the business remotely. Nowadays, systems can also capture valuable consumer behaviour, assisting in marketing, branding, point of sales positioning and informing better buying decisions.


For a commercial office environment, the focus will be on access control: who is allowed into the building and when. Nowadays, security technology can make life easier by integrating HR, IT and payroll so that as staff join and leave, each system is automatically updated – increasing efficiency and accuracy.


Having decided what you need, the next step is to decide which of the 80+ systems on the market is the right one for your business.   |  020 7620 6288  |   [email protected]