Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

240V Fused Spurs:

To be provided by CLIENT unless instructed. 

I.T. Equipment:                     

To be provided by CLIENT unless instructed. This includes hardware, necessary software, passwords and IP address ranges. I.T. representative to be available during installation.


Should any specific/particular requirements for civil or builders works, making good, redecoration, cutting away, the removal and/or reinstatement of ceiling tiles, flooring, carpets, stock, furniture, fixings and fittings arise, they are best provided by CLIENT approved contractor(s) at no cost to ourselves.

Payment Stages:                


  1. Deposit: 50% initial payment is required prior to commencement, following initial planning meeting.
  2. Delivery: 25% payment follows the installation of over half the equipment / cabling proposed.
  3. Final: 25% payment is made upon system completion and handover.

 Title of the equipment shall only pass to CLIENT upon payment in full of the order price and of all other sums whatever due under the proposal. Welcome Gate has the right to repossess any equipment for which payment is overdue. For this purpose you hereby grant Welcome Gate the right of access to its servants/agents to enter upon all or any of your premises during normal business hours. 

All applications are due for payment within 30 days of the application date.

Progress applications for payment-reflecting work carries out on site and materials delivered or held in Bonded Stores, will be submitted monthly. The final application will be submitted on handover of the system.


Contra charges will not be accepted unless agreed in writing prior to such charges being made.

Timing of Works:                 

All work is to be carried out over a single uninterrupted period, within normal working hours (unless specified).

Our estimate assumes that Welcome Gate Engineers will have free access to all areas and are afforded continuous and uninterrupted working.

In the event that the site is not ready for us to install on the agreed date, we will invoice the full ex-works price with delivery and installation costs to follow.

Should the delay be protracted we reserve the right to apply storage and protection costs.

Any delays or restrictions in delivery of equipment or offloading goods may result in additional costs.


Will be charged at the standard rate unless we are notified that our products / services are VAT-Zero rated.


Prices are valid for a period of 30 days from quotation date.

Site Survey:       

Prices subject to full and comprehensive site survey.

Working Hours:                   

Your proposal allows for works to be completed during normal business hours. If it would be more convenient and less disruptive to your staff and clients to schedule the works outside operating hours, this option can be discussed.


Noise from the performance of our services will be kept to a minimum.

During the project meeting we can discuss the best time to carry out these activities.


Safety ladders and pop-ups have been allowed for as standard.

Any additional access equipment to be provided by CLIENT, or charged additionally.

CLIENT shall warrant that any scaffolding or other means provided will be safe when properly used.

Area of Service:                  

All works outlined in the project brief is to be completed within areas of CLIENT.

Any works/services to be performed in the common areas or areas that are the responsibility of the landlord, property management or other parties, requires their respective written consent prior to commencement.


Cables will be concealed where possible but will be surface run where, in the opinion of Welcome Gate, this is impractical.

Our Engineers are very experienced in lifting and replacing ceiling and carpet tiles where it is necessary to route cables, however, while every care will be taken, a professional standard for this specialist work cannot be guaranteed.


It is CLIENT’s responsibility to move all stock and/or any obstruction that may impede our engineers during the installation of the security system.


Changes to the specifications, abnormal working conditions or any other work found to be necessary at the time of installation may be subject to additional charges.


CLIENT is required to advise Welcome Gate of the location of concealed water, gas, electricity, telephone or other services before work commences.

In the absence of such advice/information, Welcome Gate cannot accept liability for damage to these services or any consequential damage.

CLIENT will also make Engineers aware of the Asbestos Register prior to the commencement of the servicing.

Practical Completion:      

Commissioning of the system will constitute Practical Completion. At this time, our engineer will present an Acceptance Certificate for signature by your representative and we will hand over the system.

Delivery Team:                 

To ensure we provide you with a proactive service and expertise, Welcome Gate reserve the right to utilise specialist contractor labour at any stage during installation of the system.

System Changeover:       

If CLIENT requires the system to be kept in working order during the changeover this will be carried out on a time and materials basis.


We request that the following services be provided at no cost to ourselves:

The provision of safe and free access to and within all working areas.

All areas of work should be deemed safe and classed as non-hazardous.

Washing and toilet facilities.

A reasonable lighting level in all working areas.

A lockable store (where specified)

110V AC electrical supply to power hand tools (if required)

NSI Certificates:                

National Security Inspectorate (N.S.I.) Certificates are available on request.

Wiring Standards:            

Only protection of parts of the wiring required by British Standards will be enclosed in conduit or trunking.

All wiring will be installed strictly in accordance with the IEE Regulations (17th Edition).


All equipment provided and installed by Welcome Gate comes with standard Manufacturers’ “back-to-base” Warranty. 


We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of up to 20% of the purchase price on returned items.  


Payment Stages:                

Maintenance: Yearly in advance.


The maintenance and support agreement will automatically renew unless a cancellation notice of 30 days written notice is served by either party.

Any additional equipment / hardware added during the previous 12months will be added to the renewed servicing contract.

Any increase in the annual maintenance fee will not be greater than 5% (based on the same quantity of equipment being serviced).

Service Scheduling:            

Welcome Gate will make three (3) written attempts to book in a service visit. Please note that your insurance / regulatory compliance may be invalidated should your security systems not be regularly maintained.


Cancellations to maintenance services require a 90-day written notice.

Maintenance Contract (Silver / Gold / Platinum)

  1. Administration Fees: None
  2. Penalties: None
  3. Refunds: None

Remote Monitoring Services / Cloud or License Based Systems

  1. Administration Fees:
    1. Mid-Term Cancellation: £50 (ex vat)
    2. Full-Term Cancellation: None
  2. Penalties: None
  3. Refunds: Pro-rata refund after 90-day notice period
  4. Note:
    1. Cancellation of any cloud-based systems will mean:
      1. Access Control:
        1. Doors will no longer be secured
        2. Data / logs of usage will be deleted
      2. CCTV
        1. Ability to access footage (live and recorded) will be removed
        2. Archive footage will be deleted
      3. Cancellation of any remote monitoring services will mean alarm activations / faults will not be alerted

Additional Requests:          

Our Engineers must carry out the servicing of your security equipment to the National Security Inspectorate Standards – Any additional works or service requests during this visit must be either:

  1. requested, scheduled and agreed in advance; or
  2. arrangements made with CLIENT for a return visit.

GDPR and Data Protection

Welcome Gate recognise that the security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is very important and take appropriate measures to ensure that.

CLIENT is the Data Controller under GDPR

The Data Controller is accountable for compliance with data protection principles i.e.:

  • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency;
  • Purpose limitation;
  • Data minimisation;
  • Accuracy;
  • Storage limitation; and
  • Integrity and confidentiality;

Welcome Gate (WG) is a Data Processor in respect of the following:

  • The type of personal data and categories of data subject;
    • Data subject names (normally first and last name)
    • Job Title (optional)
    • Department (optional)
    • Photograph (optional)
    • Data subjects are staff, contractors or visitors being issued access credentials linked to systems WG installed or maintain
  • The subject matter and duration of the processing;
    • PII listed above is accessible for the duration of our activities on site, normally limited to less than a day
  • The nature and purpose of the processing;
    • PII is processed for the purposes or allowing or restricting the access permissions of users to access controlled premises

General Terms

  • WG can only act on the written instructions of the Data Controller (unless required by law to act without such instructions);
  • WG will ensure that people processing the data are subject to a duty of confidence;
  • WG will take appropriate measures to ensure the security of processing;
  • WG will only engage a sub-processor with the prior consent of the data controller and a written contract;
  • WG will assist the Data Controller in providing subject access and allowing data subjects to exercise their rights under the GDPR;
  • WG will assist the Data Controller in meeting its GDPR obligations in relation to the security of processing, the notification of personal data breaches and data protection impact assessments;
  • WG will delete or return all personal data to the controller as requested at the end of the contract; and
  • WG will provide the Data Controller with whatever information it needs to ensure that they are both meeting their Article 28 obligations and tell the Data Controller immediately if it is asked to do something infringing the GDPR or other data protection law of the UK.

Nothing within the contract relieves Welcome Gate of its own direct responsibilities and liabilities under the GDPR.



All CCTV cameras require a minimum level of light to operate, either natural or artificial.

Internal cameras: Assumption is that there will always be some form of artificial lighting available for cameras to record a clear image at night time. Should internal lighting not be available infra-red illumination is recommended.

Remote Access:                  

If remote access is required for your CCTV system, CLIENT will need to provide a business-grade broadband connection complete with a fixed IP address. Your internet connection should be capable of uploading data at a speed of at least 250KB. We recommend the use of a service offering an upload speed of between 500KB-1MB for best performance.

Data Protection Act:           

It is CLIENT’s responsibility to comply with the law. It may be necessary for the owner/operator to notify the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of any such system they have installed.

Ground Faults / Ground Loops:

On certain sites and under certain conditions, ground faults and electrical supply conditions beyond our control can cause interference with the pictures from our cameras. These may be apparent immediately or occur intermittently. Whilst there are a number of causes and cures for ground faults and loops, we are unable to warrant that your system will be free from these problems. Should additional equipment and/or labour be required to rectify such problems you will be notified of the cost should you wish us to rectify.

Intruder & Hold Up Alarms


All space detection equipment unless otherwise specified incorporate a visual walk test indicator.

The detectors are mounted at a height in accordance must not be obscured.

Any obstructions will affect the detection capability of the detectors.

It is CLIENT’s responsibility to check the area of coverage afforded by all of the detectors by carrying out regular “walk test” between each routine maintenance inspection.


Where CLIENT have requested, or been advised to have a digital communicator, RedCARE or other type of remote police signalling which is connected to the telephone network, you may incur charges direct from BT or other telephone company.

BT RedCARE:                        

Where [CLIENT have requested, or been advised to specifically have RedCare, a BT block terminal is to be connected to the nominated telephone line, to work in conjunction with the RedCARE signalling.

It is CLIENT’s responsibility to ensure that BT installs the block terminal adjacent to the RedCARE transmitter that will be located at the main alarm control panel unless stated otherwise.

Telephone Line:

CLIENT should make alternative arrangements for the protection of the premises until the telephone line is restored.