Access Control Is The Key To Intelligent Operational Efficiency

Access control is the term used to describe the processes around entry and access to buildings, locations, and defined spaces within those buildings and locations. It deals with the status of individuals and whether they are authorised to be in a particular place. Access control then, is essentially about security. But when interpreting the term, it is important not to limit its meaning.


Many people mistakenly understand it as access management: that is allowing or preventing access to a particular place. But that is different to access control: which liberates users to implement sophisticated yet easily-administered control hierarchies. These promote incredible efficiency gains when running buildings, equipment, services and day-to-day operations.


Cloud-based systems give you the freedom to control access to multiple locations on any device. And crucially, they are empowered by API-based integration, which means you can connect digital capabilities to your physical world. In effect, you have a highly intelligent system that will save you time and resources while delivering ultra-smooth functionality.


Imagine, for example, that you run a chain of upmarket gyms. You can link membership access to your finance and GDPR-compliant data management systems for fully integrated control. A particular member, on a particular tariff, will only be given access to your various gyms (and equipment) at the times allowed by her membership level. And if she cancels her payment details, you need not worry about forgetting to cancel her access – everything is linked and automatically updated.


Perhaps you have a financial stake in a cool, urban co-working space being marketed to creative businesses. As well as promoting the location, the building aesthetics and so on, you can add sophisticated access control to your sales pitch. Staff of each company can be given tailored and individualised access to doors, lifts, common areas, floors, meeting rooms and more to ensure both security and fluidity of movement. Thanks to API, meeting room access and booking can be linked via iPad to Outlook … and also to finance systems so that an invoice can be raised for each booking.


Many companies are coming to realise the incredible potency of access control in our Uber-smooth world, where we demand and expect positive brand experiences at every turn. As well as delivering practical operational benefits and efficiencies, access control has the wow factor that can set you apart from competitors. Remember – access management doesn’t even get close to this. Differentiate your thinking and get focused on access control.


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