The needs of our clients are at the heart of what we do. Whatever your size, whatever your sector, we’ll shape a bespoke solution informed by our deep understanding of contemporary security challenges.

We work with clients large and small, from single to multiple sites, across all industries, and with everyone from IT directors to security teams on the ground. Whatever your business is, and no matter what your role is, we’ll be able to work alongside you to shape a bespoke solution. Here are some of the industries we’ve had success in:


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Security is mission-critical for tech companies looking to scale-up quickly. We know from experience that using the cloud to deliver robust backbone architecture will help facilitate that desire for growth. We’re also fully aware of the need to protect a myriad of real assets in today’s cyber world – from your IP and physical property to your staff.


At Welcome Gate, we invest time to understand your business needs and look at ways to think beyond security when it comes to integrating your systems with open API. We work with you to review and mitigate risk, to get under the skin of threat, and to ensure that you maintain compliance in our fast moving and ever-changing world.


Once we’ve enabled you to control your security from anywhere on any device at any time, we’ll stay on the case. For us, the job doesn’t end with installation – we provide preventative maintenance and support to ensure your system grows with your business.


Interested? Contact the team and let’s talk tech.


Whatever the size of your operation, it’s a commercial imperative to keep your assets, people and data safe and secure at all times. Whether you have your own building or buildings, or simply share a floor, we can help deliver the security and peace of mind you need.


Criminals often use physical vulnerability as the stepping stone to a cyber-attack – but we are able to lock down areas containing sensitive information whatever the environment or layout might be. Access control for individuals – based on the accreditations you set – can be organised and optimised in designated areas.


As your business grows, we’ll ensure that your system grows with it, by implementing proactive, preventative maintenance and support procedures tailored for you.


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Our approach to the security of financial interaction is comprehensive. From the demands of small businesses to the pressures of sending millions of daily transactions around the world while maintaining industry compliance, we can deliver the reassurance you need. Our electronic systems will deal with internal and external threats, manage information and data security and provide appropriate incident response management.


You’ll be introduced to a dedicated point of contact from our team of consultants to ensure you receive tailored and impartial advice. After an initial meeting to discuss your requirements, we’ll provide you with a detailed report and plan of action to meet those needs. And, as ever with Welcome Gate, we’ll recommend a programme of preventative maintenance to make sure your robust solution grows as your business grows.


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