Eagle Eye Networks


Eagle Eye Networks is number one worldwide in delivering true cloud video surveillance and artificial intelligence to make businesses more efficient and the world a safer place – all on the only video management platform robust and flexible enough to power the future of video surveillance.

Eagle Eye Networks is changing the video surveillance industry with its secure, future-proof platform that provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your business’s evolving needs instantly. It reduces management and maintenance by learning the norm for your business, be it a one-site or multi-site operation. Powerful analytics detect trends and patterns of activity such as loitering and line crossing, allowing you to improve daily processes and performance.


WHY HAVE WE CHOSEN Eagle Eye Networks?

Both Welcome Gate and Eagle Eye Networks share the belief that physical security systems today aren’t just defensive systems, but efficiency, growth and innovation drivers as well. We love that its video management system (VMS) integrates with leading access control, point of sale and licence plate recognition products to fuel whole new levels of visibility, predictability and proactivity across the enterprise.


Scales to unlimited locations, cameras and users
Harnesses your existing cameras to save money
Cybersecurity: No open ports to the internet, so your video is safe
Copes with bandwidth restraints
Open API for easy integration with day-to-day systems
See everything from any device


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