Whenever and wherever you need help with your security systems, Welcome Gate’s experienced and highly rated team of engineers are available to support you and your business: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Welcome Gate always offers a truly bespoke solution, catered exactly to your requirements. This always starts with a
conversation. By taking the time to get to know you and your business, we’re in the best position to offer impartial advice.


Whether you are looking for something as simple as replacement ID badges, as complex as a multi-site security system, or something in between, Welcome Gate provides you with reliable, independent answers.

Step 1:

Understanding your needs: Your initial consultation is free of charge, and is an insightful and intelligent conversation about your unique needs. You’ll receive an appraisal of your current situation, taking into account your goals and sensitivities.

Contact one of our consultants on 020 7620 6288 or email [email protected]
today to discuss how our services will work for you.

Step 2:

Researching & developing your unique solution: After your consultation, we will take the time to research possible solutions and will recommend the one that best fits your requirements. We are not bound to any single provider and will always take your existing systems into account to promote seamless integration.

Contact one of our consultants on 020 7620 6288 or email [email protected]
today to discuss how our services will work for you.

Step 3:

Installing your solution: Once you’ve agreed on a proposed solution, our team of experienced engineers will plan and manage the project for you to eliminate hassle. We’ll also closely oversee a smooth handover to your team.

Contact one of our consultants on 020 7620 6288 or email [email protected]
today to discuss how our services will work for you.

Step 4:

Delivering peace of mind: Our service doesn’t end when your project does; the ongoing relationship gives you complete peace of mind going forward. We’ll maintain your security solution so it’s always working, ensure your staff are properly trained, make sure your solution grows with your business, and check in twice a year so you don’t have to.

Contact one of our consultants on 020 7620 6288 or email [email protected] 
today to discuss how our services will work for you.


When it comes to installation and integration, you can rely on Welcome Gate for a truly comprehensive end-to-end service. We have all the necessary experience and expertise – from product choices and specs shaped to your exact needs, to the installation itself, and on to all the necessary training for your team.


Today’s cloud-based access control systems benefit from API integration, enabling us to connect enterprise applications with security operations to deliver incredible benefits that contribute to the smooth running of your operation.


In all aspects of installation and integration, our philosophy is to take the weight off your shoulders – giving you more time to focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that it is secure.


Talk to our experts today.


We have a very particular approach to maintenance – proactivity. We passionately believe that preventative maintenance is the way to maximise the return on your investment… by ensuring your security solution keeps pace with your growing needs.


We’ve got plenty of experience to prove the point. A retail client of ours, for example, had an electronic release lock on a storefront door that had never been properly serviced. It meant the door was faulty, the property was at risk from intruders, and the security of the business was compromised.  In this case, the worst did come to the worst and robbers simply forced the door with ease. Simple maintenance would have prevented it.


Welcome Gate engineers will perform robust checks on every piece of kit we install, and continue to perform the necessary checks throughout its service lifetime.

“Welcome Gate have looked after the Royal Air Force Club for many years. On one occasion they even convinced us NOT to proceed with a large project we asked them to quote on, because they felt it wasn’t the right solution for the Club. The people at Welcome Gate really do care and have always had our best interests at heart. I highly recommend them to give you great advice and excellent service.”

– Kathryn Cooper, Assistant Club Secretary, RAF Club

“We decided to use Welcome Gate because they met our needs and provided peace of mind. We think of our business as much more than just an office and the team at Welcome Gate think beyond just security. They listened to how our business works and what makes it different, and they delivered on time and within budget. All of their staff were professional, with many going above and beyond the call of duty by helping negotiate obstacles. Their can-do attitude and enthusiastic approach made Welcome Gate a pleasure to work with.”

Louise Phillips, Central Working 

“The Welcome Gate team have been amazing.  We are facing huge international growth rates as a business and they have already installed systems for us in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hyderabad and Tokyo, with more to come. Welcome Gate and the team have really helped us with identifying and installing the kit we need, and they have project managed the whole thing and made it happen. One of their core values is getting the job done right, right to the end. I’m delighted to say that they live up to that.”

David Boshell, Physical Security EMEA