If you can’t check your CCTV, we’ll check it for you

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly if we didn’t alert you to this. If you still don’t have a maintenance cover plan for your CCTV system, this post is for you!


You might be aware that your insurance and compliance obligations depend on your CCTV working properly – any glitch, breakdown or problem in your system due to lack of servicing that you failed to sort out can cost you a lot if you ever have to make a claim.


Also, it can be quite expensive to fix any problems with CCTV, but with maintenance cover, you’ve got peace of mind that should anything unexpected happen, you’ve got a team of engineers who will sort it out for you quickly taking all the pressure off you.


An informative phone call with a Welcome Gate Consultant will tell you exactly what can be done to ensure you’re fully covered, free from hassle and with a team of skilled engineers on your side.


Just click here and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss your options, showing you how you could save time, money and hassle with CCTV maintenance cover.