Ever thought that robots could take over the world?!

Well, we’re not quite there just yet, however, this week’s post might impress you at how advanced our human aides have become.


Resembling a cross between a ‘R2-D2’ and a ‘Dalek’, the K5 robot was developed by the American start-up Knightscope, designed to patrol outdoor and indoor locations, reporting suspicious activities to law enforcers.


The K5 robot aims to improve efficiency, productivity and management in large organisations. K5s have already been stationed in shopping centres, business parks, car parks and hospitals across the US at very affordable rates.


As impressive as these machines are, from a holistic security perspective, there are gaps:


The robots are unable to carry cards or open doors and they cannot grant or restrict access. Also, their signalling reports go straight to the control centre and is then transmitted to the respective organisations requiring human involvement and taking up precious time.


In order for the K5s to be at their most effective, they need to be fully integrated with the organisation’s surveillance and access control system.


So, what do you think?!


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