Smartest building in the world… but how?

If you like smart technology, this week’s Knowledge Is Power email will leave you amazed, as it’s just got a whole lot smarter.


The Edge building in Amsterdam, tenanted by the Consulting firm Deloitte is considered the ‘greenest building in the world and probably one of the smartest’*, due to its new design engineered to ‘make the perfect work day for every employee’*.


The conveniences start upon entering the site. The car registration plate recognition, controlled by CCTV, is linked to the barrier controller and to the parking management system that guides you to a free parking space. At the building entrance, the access control records the employees’ information and preferences, activating light and heat at their desk, so it’s all ready for them. Similarly, upon clock-out, everything is automatically switched off.


(Even the coffee machine recognises your signature drink).


What’s more, the modern access control system works harmoniously with the security of the building, making the lives of the property managers a lot easier.


The security system and access control are controlled from one dashboard, which not only tracks energy consumption, but also switches off parts of the building that aren’t in use; a real money AND time saver!


The building is so smart, it’s been reported that the productivity, communication and satisfaction levels of Deloitte’s workforce have increased. Also, their security systems are more effective, and they enjoy the eco-benefits of being incredibly mindful of the environment.


So, what about non multi-national corporations?


Where The Edge building uses multiple systems to achieve this level of sophistication, smaller buildings can find similar solutions to improve office operations through access control systems such as Sateon.


What’s your take on the advancement in corporate smart technology?!


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